Modular Partition System

Modular, Flexible and Long-lasting Wall Panels, Ceiling & Integrated Components

Modular Partitions – Wall Panels, Ceilings, Doors, Windows, Integrated Components

Easy Installation, Self-supporting Structure, Decades of Experience

Woodi’s designed Modular Partition System is made up of quality materials and systems of high industry standards. We can offer different options for your project according to your basic requirement and budget.

Different options include;

  • Steel wall panels with eletrostatically applied power coating
  • HPL wall panels
  • Glass wall panels
    • Glass panels with digital print graphics (choice of photograph or any graphics)
    • Glass panels with backlit LED lights 


Bespoke design solution to satisfy individual project requirements.

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Layout Plan, Sterile HVAC System, Electrical, BMS etc.,

Tailor made design as per civil structure layout by our qualified experienced engineering team.

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